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Employers Forum it is an on line forum designed for the Employers to be availed with all the information regarding the Labour Laws and Practice within United Republic of Tanzania. The Employers Forum is intended to cater for the challenges that have been facing the Employers in labour administration and the current trend of changes in labour law and practice.

The new regime of Labour laws for the past 10 years

The current labour regime started its course in 2004 when the new legislations of labour laws were enacted by the Parliament of URT. The major laws were The Employment and Labour Relations Act, No.6 of 2004 and The Labour Institutions Act, No.7 of 2004. It took about three years of preparation of the institutions to put the laws in operation. The use and application of the new labour regime took on its wheels in 2007 when the relevant machinery for its application was put into place. Hence it has been a decade now since the current labour regime has been in practice. Various lessons have been learned for employers who took up the challenges but for those who ignored the new labour laws, have experienced a lot of pit holes.

Again, the new labour regime has undergone various legislation changes from 2007 up to 2018 and hence the issue of new Revised Edition on two major Laws thus The Labour Institutions Act, Cap.300. R.E 2018 and the Employment and Labour Relations Act, Cap.366. R.E. 2018

The impacts of the new labour regime to the employer are as follows:

  • More awareness of the number of employees regarding labour laws compliance;
  • Strikes and various demonstration from workers;
  • The increase of number of labour disputes registered at CMA and the Labour Court;
  • The increase of involvement of Trade Unions at work place;
  • Increased interventions from the government forcing employers to comply to labour laws.
  • Offences and penalties for non-compliance with the Labour Laws

These challenges and many others have been, to a large extent, detrimental to many Employers than to the Employees. It is a fact that, though the laws have been in place for the past ten years of its application, still a great number of Employers commit the same mistakes and found themselves faced with the same penalties in one after another of the labour issues.

Challenges of Employers

The employers are faced with various challenges on the application and administration of the new labour laws, such as;

  • Lack of skills regarding the operation of the labour laws and their role in working environment. Personnel or the executive officers who deal with employment matters lack proper knowledge and skills regarding current labour laws and practices applicable to their daily activities.
  • Outdated perception on the position of Employer as regard of the position of Employees. The employer ought to treat the employee as partner in serving the public rather than master –servant relationship.
  • Lack of knowledge on the development of labour relations in the labour regime. Most of the employers once employs an employee never bother to know what is happening in labour world until the labour problems lands at the workplace. As we all know the law is not static, same applies to the application and interpretation of the labour laws before decision making bodies it evolves simultaneously.
  • Devoid of the proper advice on how to handle labour issues with the employee at work place before the matter has reached to the referral organs. This has been one of the big challenges as Employers who are acting without advice or rely on advice from a source that has little or no experience with labour issues.

Employer’s Forum  is well prepared to offer the required labour solution as it consist of great team with both profound knowledge and skills  on labour issues as far as employers and employees relationship at work place.

It is our task as a Forum, therefore, to assist an Employer not to enter into unnecessary labour disputes and provide proper management of labour with a view of increasing productivity in the organization.


The Forum is open to all the employers who are willing to share the knowledge and challenges facing the administration of the labour laws. However, the moderators of the forum will be sharing number of issues at the forum such as

  1. Articles on Labour Laws
  2. Decided Cases on Labour Laws
  3. Questions  and Answers
  4. Labour Laws updates
  5. Labour Advise

We welcome all Employers who wish to participate in the Employers Forum


Isaack Zake, Esq.

Isaack Zake an Advocate of the High Court of Tanzania, he is passionate in pursuing matters in relation to labour and Human Resource Management and has been labour lawyer practitioner at various areas of practice such as FIBUCA Trade Union, Commission for Mediation and Arbitration, Labour Court of Tanzania and Labour Office at the Ministry of the Labour Affairs. Mr. Isaack is also a founder of www.ulizasheria.co.tz a blog that offers legal education to the public but also specifically to the labour stakeholders who has been able to publish more than 70 articles relating to labour laws in Swahili. Mr. Zake is also working with the legal team of Tanzania Association of Agriculture, Commerce, Industry and Mining Employers (TAACIME) an Employer’s Association. For more information about TAACIME  contact e-mail  taacimeinfo@gmail.com

For more information please contact0713 888 040 or 0787 466 687 with email zakejr@gmail.com

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      Welcome Mary

      Uliza sheria has designed a group for watsup employers who are to share challenges on labour issues. therefore send your number on watsup 0713 888 040 for more instructions. Karibu

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      Thanks Nase

      We have started a special watsup group for employers who wish to join and we share challenges and questions on how to go about labour laws. You are welcome

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